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Feb 7, 2022

Jess Reid is a self-care keto coach, a certified life coach with the International Coaching Federation, and the founder of her own coaching practice, The Keto Fit. She’s passionate about helping women to lose weight with a keto diet and a self-care mindset, by providing both the concrete scientific strategies to lose weight and the mindset work that will help women change their beliefs surrounding weight, food, and body image, so that they can have life-long success with ease, peace, and joy. Jess lives in Virginia Beach with her husband of 16 years and her 5 year old daughter. When she’s not coaching, Jess loves walking, coffee, shopping, and binge-listening to podcasts.
Her podcast: Self-Care Keto
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My guest, Jess Reid, believes in and talks in detail about the keto diet plan. While I was not looking for a diet, and have a fair amount of resistance to them, she made it sound so intriguing that I’ve been following it myself for the month or so since we spoke. 

More about that in a minute. But what I especially liked was Jess’s philosophy-- ideas like what works is focusing on how you want to feel rather than a number on a scale, and that change comes from self love not from judgment. That’s an approach I can get behind.

I’ve had other guests who spoke about diet and weight loss. After listening to Jess you might also check out I Always Wanted To Change My Habits with Betsy Burroughs and I Always Wanted to Bike Across the Country with Leslie Kasanoff. Leslie is a nutritionist and committed vegan. She made some great points but I’m not ready to give up meat and dairy.

Jess Reid’s description of keto and how it works is very compelling. My results have not been quite as astonishing but I think I know why and I’m going to stick with it for now. See if you feel as motivated as I did after listening to her story.

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