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May 31, 2021

Smiti NathanSmiti Nathan, PhD has been an archaeologist for 15+ years. Her current research focuses on ancient societies in Oman and Ethiopia. She works with interdisciplinary teams to uncover answers to questions like, “How did past societies use plants?”, “Where did people choose to live?”, and “What role did the environment play in past life?”

In addition, she discusses her work, travels, and creative pursuits on the website, Habits of a Travelling Archaeologist:

Twitter: @travellingarch

Instagram: @travellingarchaeologist

Places Smiti mentions:

In Hungary, she worked in Vésztő, which is a town in Békés county.

Beta Samati in Ethiopia:

Akir al Shamoos in Oman:

Akir al Shamoos

Smiti also mentions crowd-sourced archeology. Here's a link about that:

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